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We'll do the work.You take the credit.

Flight helps your clients understand what’s going on in their books – and you don’t have to do any of the work.

Not just a financial read-out

Alerts and key metrics help your clients to do the things that will keep them on track – and in business.


Join us in Flight

Join Flight's partner program and recieve exclusive benifit just for professional financial advisors just like you.



Add your business to Flight for FREE.


$5 for you
Earn $5 commision per month for every active business who uses your promotional code when adding a business to Flight.


$5 for your client

Your clients recieve $5 off their monthly subscription.

Flight Partner Sign-up

How the partner program works

Who is the partner program for?

Our Flight partner program is designed for financial professionals such as:

  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Business advisors
  • Financial advisors
  • QuickBooks resellers

How does the partner program work?

  • Add your business to Flight for FREE
  • Earn $5 commision per month for every active business who uses your promotional code when adding a business to Flight
  • Your clients recieve $5 off thier monthly subscription

How do I refer a client to Flight?

When you become a partner, we’ll send you your own special promo code. When your client signs up for a Flight account at getflight.com using your promo code, you’ll get credit for that.




Do I need a credit card to sign up for the partner program?

No. If you have referred a client, and signed them up for Flight as their proxy, you can add your payment information anytime during the 14-day trial.

Who pays the monthly subscription fee for Flight?

There are two options available:

Advisor pays.  You can add the business along with your Flight promotional code, and invite people view the business’s Flight feed.  In this case, you pay for each business you added.

Client pays.  You ask your client to create a Flight account, add their business along with your Flight promotional code, and invite you to view their business Flight feed.  In this case, the business pays.

In both cases, when adding a new business, be sure to enter your Flight promotional code to recieve your comission and subscription discount.  Use whatever option is best for each business.

What our partners say ...

“I would have Flight open and running in the background all day to keep an eye on my clients. I love it for that.”

Mariette F. Martinez, EA

Your Accounting and Tax Professionals

“Flight is part of a huge revolution happening in the accounting industry. With Flight, an accountant can give clients super valuable insights and then talk about it right in the platform, easy as texting. It’s finally easy to be a trusted advisor.”

Dawn Brolin

Powerful Accounting, LLC

"This is blowing my mind. This is a game changer. You guys do this right and you will change how accounting professionals work."

Eric Greenspan

74 Systems